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The Positive Side of 2012: Thank You!

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By purchasing items here, you are helping us reach more people, and thus helping them be successful in this upcoming transition.  That helps you get into the heart.  Giving presents helps BOTH you and them get into the heart that much further.

Getting Aligned for the Planetary Transformation

by Tom Price ($19.50)

This is THE Book to have if you want to understand this upcoming Transition.  YOU need to be prepared for it, as there are no free rides.  You need to know what you are doing. Click here or on the left (picture)  to get more information and to order.  Exciting & down to earth presentation.

Baseball Book for Players and Coaches
at All Levels  (by Tom Price - - $19.50)
After 120 years of baseball, they are still trying to understand the swing!!  That's because no one solved the math of the swing until now!  I did!  This book explain the swing (not the math!) in 100 pages for players, coaches, and even diehard fans. Click here or on the picture on the left to order and/or to get more information. Don't forget Little League DADS !
Sittin' By Rain (CD of 2 Songs) - ($ 19.50)
by Tom Price
This is a fundraiser for the channel/website. The CD contains (1) SITTIN' BY RAIN, which is from the point of view of a veteran suffering from Post War Stress (PTSD), and (2) HONEYSUCKLE WINE, which is a TRAIN SONG, about a hobo who finally meets his goals, which has humorous sexual connotations - - yet is rated PG.

Click Here to purchase (re-directed to Amazon) - $ 19.50

(Note - we make a whopping $6.00 off this sale; so if your goal is simply to support the channel, simply donate the $19.50 using the "Donate" button above.)

Click here to listen to the 2 songs (trailer).
Or....Get the ENTIRE CD of 10 Songs !!! ( $ 35.00)
All Song by Tom Price
All 10  songs are produced with the same quality and uniqueness as the above 2 songs.  The music is good and the lyrics are deep. 
You are supporting the channel by making this purchase, and getting good listening music as well.

Click here or on the CD Cover (left) to purchase.

Again, if your goal is to support the channel. we recommend that you simply donate using the "Donate" button above.