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What's here on this page is just part of the Truth & Disclosure campaign to both inform you and to upset the Borg hive (our enemy) - - to get them swarming and thus making mistakes with their ill intent so that we can take them out.
  Learn about the Borg Hive, why it's here and how it got here.  You have so much to learn, and that includes learning how to exit this hell-hole that they created.
If you are reading this, then you have a Mission Soul Contract that you agreed to before you were born into this matrix.  It is now time to Report for Duty.  Failure to do so means that you will cease to exist when this matrix is collapsed.  Get informed.  Ignorance is not bliss: quite the contrary.
False Flags & Fake News: Truth & Disclosure
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January 2020:  The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR Radio  i.e, basically ALL THE NEWS is scripted months, even years (even back to 2017) in advance, and it is designed to keep you in FEAR, i.e, to generate LOOSH, i.e, literally food for the bad-guys.  The "bad-guys" are not human, and require LOOSH (a low-frequency energy) to maintain their human cloaking.  We investigated and ran a series of False Flag Shooting videos, with the proof that no one was actually shot, and actors were employed instead.

         Prior to these fake shootings, they actually did kill people, such as the train bombings in Europe and the infamous 9/11 attack - - where tens of thousands ultimately died.  Lawsuits followed as people woke up to the truth. so the cabal decided to hire actors and fake bullets instead. 
        The following videos are presented (top to bottom) in the order that we ran them. The order was important.  These are just part of the Truth & Disclosure campaign to both inform you and to upset the Borg hive (our enemy) - - to get them swarming and thus making mistakes with their ill intent so that we can take them out.

       The last two videos reveal that the media, police, politicians, newspapers - - and even Hollywood - - all work together - -  coordinated.  For example the Police and Newspapers work together to create crime stories.  It's good for business and for LOOSH.


Cracking the Code of the Odessa (Texas) False Flag
2 September 2019:  This is our first False Flag Video.  This is your typical single-shooter incident.  Texas is the hub of the Deep State in the United States, and you will learn much more about that once you go on Patreon.
     In this video, Mother provides the details of how "they" create this false "incident", and where the perpetrators are now hiding - - and sweating.  This includes politicians, including all the Texas legislators.
The Holographic Study of 911
10 Sept 2019: This is NOT your typical 9/11 video.  This is an A-Team Roundtable discussion of the Flames and Flags of Deception regarding 911 and more.  Universal Mother is at the helm.  Also specifics to cancel your voter registration IN THIS NOW
     Here is a link show 911 Israelis Archons DANCING on the Street (New Jersey), as the Twin Towers were falling.   Notice this is a Catholic Article - - - What is that all about!!??  You'll soon learn that the church is all part of the bad-guys.


17 Sept 2019: YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS is very important at this time to "KICK THE BUMS OUT”. This Video is your ammunition to kick out the ENTIRE SPECTRUM of the DEEP STATE, governments, etc. Of particular importance is the QUEEN and all of her family: She is a key figure in bad-guy camp, and has done horrific things. Here are those details & much more.
   Regarding PRINCESS DIANA, she had Mother's energy, and was murdered (after she delivered a couple of children - - to keep the Queen-thing going). Those poor children were assimilated (see Patreon)
What Really Happened in the Las Vegas "Shuuting" ??? 
16 Sept 2019:  The Many Photos of the LAS VEGAS "Incident" reveal just how immature their execution was - -  of this fake-ass, loosh-generating, Hollywood production - - complete with MANNEQUINs and Craigslist recruits.  Also includes Holographic review of those photos by Mother.
The Real Truth of the STATUE OF LIBERTY - - & More
This is the A-Team’s continuing TRUTH and DISCLOSURE series: The Statue of Liberty, The Real Truth of Jesus, and The Clergy of Notre Dame. Help us help you, by sharing to elevate the consciousness level (awareness). This is the EVENT - - that awareness.
Boston Marathon "Bombing"  - - The Real Truth
21 September 2019: The A-Team (Magnificent 7) peels back the layers of deception regarding the Boston Marathon “Fake Bombing” of 2013. A CLONE of Spielburg was there - - directing! This was their attempt at keeping 9/11 in the forefront of our minds - - i.e., continuing milking the loosh.
The Hong Kong "Shooting" False Flag
5 Oct 2019: Here we go again. The 5-Eyes are getting into the mix now with their False Flags - - in other countries besides the United States. This one is more than obvious - - as you will learn within.
The  El Paso Shooting.  This is Getting Old
6 Oct 2019: Once again, we investigated another False Flag and confirmed no one was killed. The MEDIA, Politicians, Police, i.e, EVERYONE is involved in these loosh-generating Hollywood productions.....
  Such reflects that everything around you is, or at least WAS, part of the Deep State. It is far-reaching and it is coming down as I write this.
   Other stuff: Hong Kong is supported in this video. More inputs on Black-Eyed children. & More.
The Sandy Hook Elementary False Flag - Revealed
7 Oct 2019:  The SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY False Flag was the cabal at its finest, on top of the world.  Feeling pressure from the upcoming 2012 situation, it decided to Stage this Event as another "9/11".    This VERY STAGED EVENT anchored-in all the subsequent MAD-MAN SHOOTING scenarios (those listed above and more).
Galactic Mission: Fake News Takedown
17 Oct 2019:  Following the Mission Checkmate (Victory of the Light) of Oct 11, 2019, it is now time to take out the Fake News so the public can get the truth without any misleading interference. That time is IN THIS NOW.
Another Texas Shooting - - A Desperate OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD
29 Oct 2019: Here we go again, yet this one focuses on NEWSPAPERS, and especially those working with the Police to create profitable Fake News & more. Newspapers have desperate financial woes. When you combine that with a few Denebs, you get what is shown here. This is all an effort to make $$$ at the expenses of the public. AND THIS IS OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD AT WORK
May 22, 2020 The Corpus Christi False Flag
This Video was published in Patron on May 22.
Here's the Link

June 02, 2020.  The Deep State gasps its last breath with the help of George Floyd. but which ones were actors??  And how much were they PAID?? The Deep State's Last Stand is on a Divide & Conquer Battlefield - - Race. The Galactics insist that we PEEL BACK the George Floyd False Flag (yawn), exposing yet another False Flag. so here it is. He's a Skank, of course. So was General Custer.

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