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We started off with longer (full-length video) lessons, and recently (as of QTZ1061) decided to instead put a mini-lesson in each video, and as of QTZ1064 actually stated that these are mini-lessons.

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December 2016: This video (Click on Picture Above) provides the Sacred Geometry aspect of the upcoming "2012 Transition", and exactly what is going to happen to YOU when it occurs.  At the same moment the Cabal (i.e, all sociopaths on this planet) will literally "disappear";  just like in Star Trek they will be beamed away from this planet so that only those in-the-heart will remain.  That segregation then allows us (those in-the-heart who remain) to create miracles - - using our collective consciousness to clean up Mother Earth, etc. 

About 30-40% of the population is expected to disappear (the sociopaths); they won't be forgotten about and that's a story for another day.  Please visit our YouTube channel (The Positive Side of 2012) to learn more.

Update Jan 2020:
The Fundmamental Building Block
of Our Universe
Everything in our universe is based on this shape: It's a circle with an equilateral TRIANGLE inside.  This shape is a single piece of geometry because only one such triangle (all sides equal) will fit in a given circle.  We call this shape the Fundmenatal Building Block of our universe.

Other universes may be based on other such shapes: perhaps a circle with a SQUARE in it - - or perhaps - - a circle with a PENTAGON (5 sided) inside.  Such universes have different colors, I've been told.  Those colors, however, are based on that universe's basic building block shape.  It has to be.

Here's some proof:

Your Knuckles Reveal the "Mathematical Code"
of Our Universe
The length of your knuckles are 2, 3, 5, 8, and 13.  These are length ratios, and the "13" is the length from your wrist to your elbow.  Notice that the 2+3 = 5, and THEN notice that 5 is the next number on your knuckles. Now notice 3+5 = 8, and 8 is indeed the length of the next knuckle.

Thus you are living testimony that "something is going on".  There is a pattern to life.   Everything in our universe, whether alive or not, grows according to this pattern.

If you keep this pattern going, i.e, simply adding two sequential numbers to get the next number, you get the table on the right.  The real insight is obtained by dividing two sequential numbers, and then you get the far-right column. Notice how that column strives to achieve the number 1.6182.....
Now, finally, again revisit the figure on the right. This geometry yields the exact same number of 1.6182..., and it's called the Phi Ratio.

Thus, your knuckle lengths are based on the Fundamental Building Block of our universe.  Everything is.

Sacred Geometry is this "math of the universe".   You don't need Einstein's equations to understand it.  The universe is simple, and no more complex than what we've already shown.  Anyone can understand it. 

It explains why kids seem to "shoot up" in height as they grow. It explains Genesis. It explains 2012.  It explains why Jesus came.  It explains everything.

Thus, it is a safe non-confrontational language with which to discuss the universe, all the events leading up to this 2012 transition, and the transition itself.  That is precisely what's done in our book Getting Aligned.  The first third of the book is a wonderful education on Sacred Geometry; the next third is our history, and the last third is what you need to do to be successful in this upcoming transition.  Lots of references and places to go for more info are provided.

For those of you uncomfortable with "religion" or "spiritual" chatter, Sacred Geometry provides a great avenue to get all the answers you seek (and many you might not have thought of quite yet).
What's Required to Get YOU Thru this "2012" Transition?
There is no Cinderella Complex about this transition.  Individually, you have to be in-the-Heart, which means being of Unity Consciousness.  Children are born in-the-heart (so don't worry about your kids).  That is why they are so sweet.  We loose that as we grow and get dependent on our head-brain instead of the heart.  Indigenous tribes are in-the-heart all the time.  So is Mother Nature.  This is why indigenous tribes seem to be in contact with nature.  They are!  Bernie Sanders truly spoke from the heart on many occasions.  That is precisely why "Everyone loves Bernie", and that is precisely why the finch (bird) visited him during this outdoor speech in Portland OR USA:

Update: April 2018.  You now know (if you have been watching the YouTube Channel) that we are in a Matrix, i.e, the Earth system was created as a place for souls (actual beings) to come and be in a 3D environment - - in order to experience the emotional challenges that car accidents, bills, medical issues, etc. present.  Also to experience nature and its beauty.  However it got infected by this virus (the Dark), and now.....

In order to get out you HAVE TO CONNECT TO THE ORB, i.e., it is your ONLY method for exiting this Earth System.  Being in-the-heart helps you connect and communicate with Command thereafter, but still you need to Connect to the Orb to exit this Earth system.  This 3D Earth System will be collapsed, and those or the Orb will go onto the new 5D Earth (Terra-Nova)/