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Dead Holistic Doctors
(30 Count)

Luke Rudkowski interviews Erin Elizabeth of health nut news, The lead investigative reporter in the case of 11 holistic doctors that have died mysteriously within t90 days.
Published on Oct 9, 2015

That number has increased to 30 count, after Erin included "mysterious deaths and suicides" of other Holistic Doctors.  Here is that interview with a third party from Thrive.com.  It is obvious that these deaths are a cabal operation - -  a desperate cabal.
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Tumeric -- Be Wise About Using it
Tumeric is a remarkable root with many medicinal properties.  However, it is not readily absorbed by the body because the kidneys want to get rid of it.  Finally we found the right information, explaining these things and how to use black pepper and fat to encourage your body to absorb it's great benefits.  Discovering the AMOUNT of black pepper was the challenge - - and here it is!  Fat is also required.

Great News for Autism (& Vaccines)

Based on research by Dr Judy Mikovits, mothers who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sometimes pass on to their children (mostly boys) a retrovirus.  That retrovirus is sitting in wait, i.e. waiting for the right circumstances to become active and result in autism.  Those "circumstances" are vaccinations.  The vaccines themselves don't cause the autism per se, but rather the immune systems response to them activates the retrovirus and causes autism.  Aids works exactly the same way - - via a retrovirus.

Dr Judy Mikovitz was banned from the medical community (by the bad-guys) upon publishing this work. Here she is interviewed by Coast to Coast radio.   The book is called "Plague".

Cure for Cancer

Dr. David Noakes from Zurich, and his team, have proven that cancer can be not only be arrested, but cured in a matter of two months based on the GcMAF treatment.  Currently a 24-step process produces a billionth of a gram of pure GcMAF, which is a protein derivative we all have in ourhealthy bodies.  The only requirement for treatment is "you have to have at least one month to live".  After a month or so stay in the clinic being treated, the patients are sent home and told to stick with a strict diet protocol (things like no sugars, which is well known to propagate cancer).  There are no side effects because this is a 100% natural cure and GcMAF occurs naturally in everyone's body.


A small portion of certain protein in your body is naturally converted into GcMAF in healthy people.  When this decreases or disappears, then the body's ability to fight cancer is depleted.

This treatment simply replenishes that deficiency, and hopefully gets the body producing it naturally once again.

Regarding the Positive Side of 2012, discoveries like this will happen more and more. Such is a huge part of what's happening here on Earth, and we will continue to point out examples.

Here's the YouTube Link from a Recommended Channel:
Published on Sep 15, 2014

Child can see with Blindfold on...

There are countless examples of people, and especially children, performing what appear to be amazing feats.  In this example, this girl (Yogamaatha) can see using her third eye while completely blindfolded.  These talents are not only a symptom of the global awakening process, they are a primary tool for assuring that the bad-guys are gone.

Most Milk
is Unfit to Drink
Most of the milk in the USA, and across some parts of the world is unfit to drink due to Monsanto Corporation's POSILAC®, which has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone (known in short as "BGH" "BST" or "rBGH"):
Coming Soon .....
Minerals !!!!

Why don't you ever see "Mineral Caps" in the supplement shelf at your store?

Minerals are critical to your health - -  much like oil is to your car.

Yet- -  you are constantly "relieving" yourself of them.


Russia and the U.S. are Cooperating to defeat the Cabal

All the chaos in the world is unfolding according to a much higher plan to both remove the Cabal and Awaken the public. Both President Obama and the Russian President Vladimir Putin are well aware of that plan and are doing their best to both implement and provide visions for the future. In a recent secret agreement, the Russian military will attack the financial source of the Cabal - - by destroying their ability to sell stolen oil from Iraq  Meanwhile, the U.S. is actively arresting Cabal members effective Feb 2015

Per Mike Harris of Veterans Today.com, even the Taliban has realized that they way to get rid of the U.S. presence in Iraq (the Cabal) and surrounding areas is to cut down the opium plants. That is another 1.5 trillion per year income for the Cabal. The Cabal’s money is used to finance mercenaries, and to control the world in general by controlling its wealth.


Meanwhile (see the following article) the U.S. Military has legally abandoned the Cabal in February 2015, leaving them with no U.S. weapons or manpower. Also per February 2015, Federal Marshals are proactively arresting Cabal members and puppets, focusing on the financial sector (Wall Street, etc.).

See this 40 min video of Mike Harris (VeteransToday.com) interviewing Benjamin Fulford, an international reporter.


We're Getting America Back

Pennsylvania (via civilians) declared itself to be a sovereign Nation State in October 2014. Most of the other states and about 100 Indian Nations quickly followed suite. The process was completed via the Hague World Court - - and effective February 2015, the United States is a new sovereign Nation State. The Pentagon, who was waiting for this to happen, jumped right in. That’s because since about 1979, the Pentagon - - with the help of trusted civilians - - created a very comprehensive step by step plan on how to proceed legally and thoroughly to get from beneath the control of the Dark Government.


The results are that everything following the 13th Amendment (ratified 1812) is null and void. The new Nation State can now legally prosecute the dark government for its crimes against the citizens of the true United States. Thousands of arrests have been made quickly, quietly, and worldwide - - focusing on the financial system.  The Jade Helm exercises during 2014/2015 were Federal Marshall training and implementation programs, whereby Federal Marshals (in cooperation with local law enforcement) make the actual arrests.  Nearly all arrests are made quietly in white collar establishments.The Military is there, and only if necessary, as backup - - much like a swat team.

See this 60 minute video starring Drake - -  who was instrumental in getting civilians involved in the sovereignty process to re-create the original United States.  They are now arresting cabal members.



The Corporate U.S. is Facing Bankruptcy (or Equivalent) – It’s a Good Thing

In 1871 the United States was secretly converted into a corporation. The Constitution was replaced by a corporate mission statement, which has only the cabal’s wealth in its interest, rather than the interest of the U.S. citizens. The above article (We're Getting America Back) reveals that the U.S. citizens have now abandoned that corporation.


Here we reveal that World leaders are being instructed to not buy U.S. Bonds, and thus force that United States corporation into bankruptcy. Whether is is actually a bankruptcy, or something else, the ultimate goal is to make the Federal Reserve dollar useless on the world market. This is yet another avenue in the global effort to eliminate cabal funds.    They have historically simply printed the money they needed - - using the Federal Reserve System, which was set up at about the same time - - 1913.

See this 10 minute video starring Karen Hudes, prior legal counsel with the world bank, and is encouraging the countries of the world to cooperate with this effort.