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Understanding the Kurds
The Mid East is complicated because it consists of tribes and countries and oil-greed.  Here is an excellent explanation of the Kurds, who are a misplaced society - - and not necessarily "all-good" as portrayed in the Mainstream media.
Followup to "Kurd" Interview Above.
The Midest is complicated, and here even more clarity as told by Syrian Girl Mimi

Trump's Journey

Trump is two things.  He is the envy of many mafia folks, as he managed to pull off his financial schemes semi-legally yet not making too many friends along the way.  However, and what's important here, is he agreed to help the White-Hats (The United Federation of Planets) by running for President of the United States (Corporation).  He did not want to run, but the White-Hats needed a mafioso-type character to run and defeat the very Dark Hillary Clinton (the real Hillary and Bill had been taken out years earlier).
          They made sure Trump won by simply cutting the ethernet cords [that Hillary & Co had used to rig all the recent elections]  just as the infamous Florida and Colorado votes came in, giving Trump a clear victory. 
          Once in office, all Trump needed to do was to persevere the intense Fake News media campaign against him and then to simple sign the executive orders given to him by the Galactics.  Trump acting like a traditional president was not in the plan.  Meanwhile Mike Pence (vice president of the Corporation) is/was very dark.  This was part of the chess game that the White Hats played. The vice president always is the dark one, i.e., the real bad guy taking care of business.
          Also meanwhile, if you were to somehow be elected, the moment you walked into D.C you would be offered zillions of dollars, and told to accept it and do what you are told (ultimately by Pence) or your family would be killed, and you along with them, and you'd have a look alike doing your job.   Take your pick. This is what happened to Obama, for example (he was taken out in 2009).  The same is true in state government as well - across the board because everything is a part of the corporation, i.e, part of the British Commonwealth reporting to the Queen.
         This is pretty much all you need to know.  The first video below is viable, as is the Wesley Clark one in the right-hand-column.  The rest of this page was put up BEFORE the A Team was formed, i.e, before I was aware of the above information.  So what is here is really a sampling of the news.  But we now know that nearly all of the news is fake news - unless you have independent people of the ground witnessing it (this is the left-hand column) - - and you also have Trump playing his hand, appearing to do what the bad-guys want.  So it is all one big chess game to figure out if this is the real news or not.  This was the challenge of discernment that all of us faced.
The Final Downfall of the Cabal has Begun
Dec 12, 2018:  On Nov 22, Trump employed ex-Marines to raid the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. This is the culmination of the U.S. Military White-Hats' efforts that began in 1979 - - to Get America Back from the cabal. The battle has now officially begun.  Stock food and water, etc.  This is the real deal.  Expect more fires (see below), more shootings, etc., as a  desperate cabal refuses to give up.

This video is a major milestone, summarizing 2 years of reporting on our end, and provides a jaw-dropping overview of Putin's actions, U.S. Military's recent actions in Afghanistan, the above Trump actions, and (please note) the sudden burst of sexual harassment claims.  The latter is oriented to taking down the mainstream media, while these other actions take down the dark government.  Also the Global Currency Reset will take care of "Rothschild", and the Panama Papers will help take down the corporations.
The Real Truth of Afghanistan involves CHINA
Aug 31, 2017: Why is Trump sending 4,000 more troops into Afghanistan?   Trump turned the Military reigns over to the military, which kind of implies that he is no longer Commander-in-Chief.   So the key question is, regarding this 2012 transition, is the Afghanistan-4000-troops a military decision or a Deep State decision.  These two parties sit across from each other in the Pentagon decision room.  The military is looking out for you whereas the Deep State will shoot you, if they need to, just make a buck on the weapons sales.  The answer lies within this video.
A Summary of Where We are with Trump
June 29 2017: From climate change to the brewing war in the Middle East, we're in one of the most dangerous moments in human history, says TRNN's Paul Jay. So why are we talking about RussiaGate?
April Fools !!!
Trump Mid East Policies
are WORSE than Obama/Hillary
April 1st, 2017. Many were hoping that Trump would clean up the DEEP STATE, but the exact opposite has happened. Bush/Hillary/Obama financed Sunni-radical Islamic terrorist groups that would go along with US foreign policy. This has created the refugee crisis and the expansion of global jihad.

Trump promised he would end those failed foreign policies. He admitted that Iran, Russia, and Assad were all fighting ISIS (ISIS is the bad-guys as defined by the Light Alliance), and he promised he would join them in this fight.  He laid out a non-interventionist foreign policy, and even questioned the need for NATO.  He promised to block all oil imports from Saudi Arabia in order to secure domestic energy independence from “our foes in the cartel. He said “Beware of the Saudi snake oil that fuels terror”.

Then he became President and everything has changed. Trump wins Saudi praise for “turning point” after a meeting with the Saudis. Since then, Trump has vowed NOT to work with Russia in the fight against ISIS. He has made Iran the major #1 enemy for the US, launching even more sanctions and talking military action (this is 100% consistent with the Deep State agenda that Wesley Clark revealed). (Russia, Iran, China, and the U.S. Military are the good-guys per the Light Alliance). Thus Trump has aligned himself with Sunni Muslims against the Shiite Muslims - - 100% consistent with Saudi desires. (Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey are the bad countries in the Mid East per the Light Alliance).

Civilian deaths from U.S. air strikes have hit a record (> 1000 count) under Donald Trump, and it’s only been 70 days in office. 7000 air strikes in Iraq and Syria in the past several months. Drone strikes have increased 432% under Trump while he has given the CIA (the “Deep State”) the authority to commit these strikes (Obama always had the final say, and often said “no”. Trump has now delegated this decision-making to the Deep State!).

Thus Trump has effectively washed his hands from any responsibility in the Mid East, and is letting the Deep State (with their anti-Light Alliance objectives) do whatever they please - - while he spends his weekends at his various properties - - tweeting when anyone confronts his ego.

We were hoping this series on "Trump & the Mid East" would be able to report Light Alliance progress regarding the Deep State.  Now, only 70 days into office, we have to report the opposite - - Trump is simply promoting even more fear and death.  Even worse for himself is the karmic aspect of all of this:  Hiding out in your weekend getaways and thinking you are not responsible for such deaths doesn't cut it.
Showdown at the OK Corral
Feb 19, 2017: The State Department will likely be, if it has not happened already, the place where Trump & Co. meets Godzilla - - the bad-guys.  The resignation of 4 top administrators in the State Dept was allowed to happen January 26, just days after Trump was inaugurated and in timing with Trump's original Travel Ban.  1000 State Dept employees also signed an internal petition pf protest. Meanwhile, exactly who is Trump?  How does Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer fit into Trump's playing hand? At stake is whether or not the "Arab Springfest" can continue destroying one country after another - - or will Trump & Co somehow (knowingly or unknowingly) arrest that cabal recipe.  Can the Light Alliance infiltrate the Trump camp and make a difference?  That is the real question. This video discusses all of this.
What will be Trump's Mid East Policy ??
Feb 10, 2017:  President Obama has done a lot of good things for people in the USA.  However, his Mid-East policy was in full alignment with the cabal.  Hillary was right there as well.   The insanity of us giving aid to Israel (a cabal country), of giving aid to Saudi Arabia (a cabal country), and not aligning with Russia in the global fight against ISIS (which is the cabal-at-work) in Syria:  all of these make me shake my head in disbelief.

Yet, in spite of this I voted for Hillary, and that's because the 2012 Transition is only months away.  I figured that a few more months of the status quo is far better than the terror (fear) that Trump brings to the masses (fear of Obamacare repeal, fear for immigrants, fear of the unknown).  These are destructive to the 2012 process for those individuals.  Fear is not good.  Yes, it is true that Trump-being-president is satisfying a lot of egos (Alex Jones and the like), but satisfying egos is counterproductive to the 2012 process for those individuals - - unless they get into the heart as a result thereof.  Let's hope that overall there is a net 2012 benefit in all of this apparent insanity.

Regarding the Light Alliance, Obama supposedly was on board with them;  Hillary had met with them  one day before the debates and was on supposedly on board; Putin spent an entire week with the Light Alliance in the past.  Most recently Trump (as you'd expect) totally rejected the Light Alliance.  Note that the Light Alliance has protected Trump (from assassinations) all along.  Thus the Light Alliance has to work around Trump, and they will.  It's not really an issue: they are working around many such individuals worldwide.  The timeline of the 2012 Transition or currency reset is not affected by Trump.

We do know from the Light Alliance that Obama did obtain gold to back the US currency.  This was revealed in March 2012:  “Obama is trying to juggle the economics of the dollar, which is at the core of things, so there is not a fundamental collapse of the U.S. dollar, which would be completely NOT what the Light Alliance wants.  The Light Alliance is working and creating the conditions so that the dollar maintains its value until we move into this new currency.  That is all in place and underway."

Also, per the Light Alliance, Obama's Mid-East policy is "complicated".  No specific details were given. We learned in May, 2016 that the Saudi's own $117 Billion in US Treasuries, and is 12th on the list of such creditors.  Could this be part of the "complicated" politics behind the aid to Saudi Arabia?  We also know that Obama, and many others, have traveled to Antarctica,  which is a well known Nazi (cabal) base and ET hangout.  Obama also time-traveled to Mars as a kid, if you believe Andy Basiago.  Thus Obama is very much in-the-know about the cabal history and things (frequencies) related to the 2012 transition.  Per the Light Alliance, he knows fully well that things such as the TPP Bill and the aid to Saudi Arabia will be defunct as soon as the 2012 transition occurs. Per them, Obama has chosen to be our scapegoat.  You are certainly welcome to your own opinion an all of this, but to me this this is the only thing that explains Obama's overall behaviors.  To further support this, during Obama's last hours in office (when he was pardoning people in prison) he quietly gave $ 227 million to the Palestinian Authority!!  This is in direct contrast to the $$ he gave to Israel.  This is a direct blow to Israel.  My guess is now that Hillary's horrible policies are no more, and he has nothing to loose, that Obama finally used his HEART in the Mid East - - perhaps the only time he did so his entire presidency.  You are welcome to your opinions on this as well.  I am not a book reader, but I will be looking for his memoirs very much so to figure things out.

Per The Jimmy Dore Show, the real reason we are in Syria is the battle is over natural gas pipelines.  Russia wants one over here, and the US (likely the cabal history) wants one over there.  This makes the most sense of all - - cabal greed - - which is at the root of virtually everything in our past.

So the Mid-East is indeed very "complicated".  The politics, ISIS, religions, economics, etc., make it a very politically complicated nightmare, where the cabal-owned mass media has the privilege of sorting it out for us.....

But the big question here is what is Trump going to do in the Mid-East?  This subject has not been addressed by him, not even in his tweets.  Putin has been very supportive of the Light Alliance Agenda, and is the only one (of Obama, Hillary, and Putin) promoting a semblance of world peace in his day to day actions.  He has deviated here and there, of course, especially with his frustration of the US policy.  Trump certainly seems to be aligning with Putin, and that's good.  But the question still remains: what is Trump's policy going to be in the Mid-East and who, if anyone, will he listen to as an advisor.  The Mid-East is cabal-country, and that is the same cabal talked about below that's been largely dismantled by the Light Alliance (and the US Military, and the financial arrests) and about to literally "disappear" when the Magic Day arrives for the upcoming 2012 Transition.  Interestingly Trump will also likely "disappear" along with all the other pure sociopaths on this planet at that time.

My guess is that he'll get to the core of it all - - the $ pipeline, and work out some deal with Putin.  Otherwise, and the right thing to do, is to simply join forces with Russia to defeat the real enemy - - which is the ISIS arm of the cabal in the Mid-East.  This is for humanity - - and not the $$.
Tom Price
Wesley Clark Explains the DEEP STATE

Thanks to General Wesley Clark, the truth has come out as to who IS running the state department.  After you see this video, you will clearly see what Trump is up against.  Any confrontations between Trump and the State Department (and there have been already) means that he will be confronting Bad-Guys in their effort to have continuous wars.