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What's here on this page is just part of the Truth & Disclosure campaign to both inform you and to upset the Borg hive (our enemy) - - to get them swarming and thus making mistakes with their ill intent so that we can take them out.
  Learn about the Borg Hive, why it's here and how it got here.  You have so much to learn, and that includes learning how to exit this hell-hole that they created.
If you are reading this, then you have a Mission Soul Contract that you agreed to before you were born into this matrix.  It is now time to Report for Duty.  Failure to do so means that you will cease to exist when this matrix is collapsed.  Get informed.  Ignorance is not bliss: quite the contrary.

Religions - What are They Good For?
Constantine created the Bible in 325 AD, in desperation while the Roman empire was on its last leg, to maintain a source of power.  However,  it was 1000 AD when the bad-guys took over the corresponding Roman Catholic Church.  Thus began the horror stories of the Inquisition (12th century and beyond), and the hidden agenda of the Clergy & Co.
         Here we expose that agenda as it relates to everything around you IN THIS NOW, so you can better understand your surroundings.  There are no more threats, and now the job is letting go of this stuff. Understand it, get your emotions out, then throw it in the trash.  Such letting-go  is an important part of the ascension process.
         Again, what's immediately below is what's IN THIS NOW.  If you are interested in the more historical perspective, see the links at the very bottom of this page.  Those will include Antichrist, Babylon, and Book of Revelation materials.
The Real Truth of the STATUE OF LIBERTY - - & More
This is the A-Team’s continuing TRUTH and DISCLOSURE series: The Statue of Liberty, The Real Truth of Jesus, and The Clergy of Notre Dame. Help us help you, by sharing to elevate the consciousness level (awareness). This is the EVENT - - that awareness.
Today's Priests of Notre Dame - - They are Desperate
Notre Dame (NOT the Vatican) has been the primary butcher shop and dining room for the Clergy (sacrifice & energy consumption).   In this video, Mother and the A-Team give you what those Notre Dame priests are truly composed of.  These priests are currently at Notre Dame - - if they haven’t yet tried to escape!  The Notre Dame Fire was in April.  That was no accident. Here's status as of September 2019.
Baptism - The Harsh Reality (as told by Mother)
In this emotional video, Mother re-writes the BOOK ON BAPTISM, revealing Baptism’s harsh reality as a Borg virus tool - - i.e., a weapon to assimilate those helpless souls - - and using our children as "Locked & Loaded BORG WEAPONS". Here is a link to Black-Eyed Children (See Patreon) on which we had to do a mission - - to take out such children. The Deep State's last stand is to use the kids - via Baptism or otherwise, knowing how much we care about them.
Official 48 Hr Notice to Preachers & Clergy
1 Nov 2019: The Truth Warriors (Magnificent 7) issues the Official 48-hour Notice to the Clergy, Preaches, Ministers, and the like. Here are a few of the worst, with Mother doing the autopsy revealing the true beings (Denebs) inside these Cloaked Preachers, and their current status. This is it! They have been warned over and over. It is now time. This is it.

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