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Book Description:

This book gets rid of all the myths and misunderstandings of the baseball swing. For the first time in 120 years of baseball, we now fully understand the baseball swing from a precise, analytical perspective.
There are TWO books. Book 1 (this book) is the stand-alone manual for ballplayers of all levels, including professionals players and even Little League coaches. It carefully walks you through the swing telling you what is happening, how, and why. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen in the baseball literature. You’ll be amazed.  
I’m an engineer and developed a computer program which matches the baseball swing exactly. It computes all the forces-over-time, bat-speed-over-time, and tells you how much bat-speed (energy) comes from each segment of your swing - - and much more. The results match exactly what you see in slow-motion videos.  
Thus, whereas Book 1 is a manual for ballplayers and contains essentially no graphs or tables, Book 2 is Technical Supplements which are loaded with graphs and tables - - and far more analytical detail about each aspect of the swing. These supplements are for coaches, trainers, weight trainers, college students and teachers interested in the physics, and likewise anyone interested in the learning how the baseball swing actually works.  
As a general rule, coaches should order both books, but recommend their ballplayers order Book 1 only.  

More Info on Ballplayer Manual (Book 1):
Baseball fans will enjoy learning what to watch during replays of the swing. Also chapter 8 discusses the home run kings from Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds and how their power recipes differed from each other.  

For baseball players, Chapters 1-6 are step-by-step explanations of your bat speed generation process.  Chapter 7 is a Field Guide that regurgitates everything into a single at-bat sequence.  This is followed by your at-the-plate choices and weight-room choices.

Little League Coaches: Chapter 1,2, and 6 (which focus on your bone alignment) can be taught to your players on day one. No weight lifting is involved, and any future batting coach will be thankful that no bad habits have been developed.
Weight-trainers are shown that breaking the schools bench-pressing record is the wrong thing to do.  You need to balance the upstairs and downstairs weight/muscle.

These books are great material for teaching a college class in the physics of the baseball swing. That’s because the baseball swing is the most sophisticated (it has the most sequential steps) of all swings.  
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The Science of the Baseball Swing