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Lightworker Training

(1) Copy/paste the Declaration below to your computer, and then print it;  Listen to the Sacred Angel Fire video, and the Purple Orb Meditation and follow those instructions.
(2) See Playlist 1 below for the above items.
(2) See Playlist 2 below to understand what happens to your family, as well as the Great Flood that is occurring now.

The Sacred Angel Fire Declaration

We have placed an Orb 12 inches above your head,
It is the Emerald Green Plasma Energy Orb,
It provides Organic Protection and Healing Energies.

Always activate it before doing the Purple Orb Meditation (QTZ1190)
Activate it daily

-Activate It Daily by Stating -
"I accept the Energy placed over my Head,
And extend the same healing and protection energies
to everyone in my household.”

Review the following declaration/affirmation frequently in order to intend the greatest benefit for all.

Affirmative Statements of Your Declaration

From the Depths of Creation:

I Intend I am infinite Love.
I Intend I am infinite Awareness.
I am grateful I have been healed completely.
I invoke the Sacred Angel fire to fill my being
I invoke the Sacred Angel fire to cleanse my home
I invoke the Sacred Angel fire to protect my family
I invoke the Silver-Violet Flames of Venus,
The Light Energies of the Central Sun,
The Wisdom and Knowledge Energies of the Lions Gate,
and the Healing Energies of our beloved Gaia,
into every thought, word, action and feeling,
I have ever had, am having and will have.
Universe, I want to do my part,
I petition you today.
I want to be fully protected.

I invoke the Sacred Angel fire into all etheric weapons,
I invoke the Sacred Angel fire into all artificial intelligence virus
I invoke the Sacred Angle Fire into all dark entities.

I intend that White Light, Sacred Angel Fire, and all Sacred Energies permeate the dark entities, their etheric weapons, and their artificial intelligence virus and tools.

Thank You Universe

Next do the Purple Orb Mediation

- Lightworker Training 1 -
 Improving YOUR Skills
& Contributing TO the EVENT
(Contains Sacred Angel Fire Affirmation and Purple Orb Mediation

- Lightworker Training 2 -
 Understanding the EVENT
 (where people are going & why)