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The Global Currency Reset

There absolutely will be a Global Currency Reset.  This is a crucial part of the intervention that began in 2003, and that intervention is to help us through this upcoming 2012 Transition - - and it's now 2018.  That event, i.e, the "Magic Day", could occur at any time.  A major goal of the intervention is to shut down the cabal, and specifically to take away our fears because fear prevents you from having a successful transition.  Thus the real goal is fear reduction, and to accomplish that the cabal has to be shut down - - and the currency reset is a primary tool to shut down the cabal.

Every currency in the world will switch over to a gold-back system at essentially the same.  Although it is essentially one big system, each country will keep their familiar-looking currency.  The cabal's petrodollar will be worthless, and they will not be able to exchange their funds.  This page the relevant history of the currency and the reset as it applies to this upcoming 2012 Transition and its intervention.

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The Amazing Story of Dr Ray C Dam
(Must see !)
The Cabal was in full force of the world's financial system, with money flying around the world via ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS, during 1980 and 1990s.  This is exactly when a secret (Good-Guy) organization was set up to control these transfers to keep the system honest.  Dr Ray C Dam had signature authority for tens of THOUSANDS of banks worldwide. and every one of these transfers went through his office - the Office of International Treasury Control (the OITC).

  Here is that amazing story.  He was an Angel.
Getting the Money System
Back from the Cabal
April 2016: The World Bank, the IMF, etc. have all been controlled by the cabal.  However in April 2016 that changed.  This is when the cabal (in particular the United States) lost their voting majority.  From that point forward, the world banking situation has gradually shifted in favor of you and me. See the video for details regarding April 2016
The Knights Templar
How it all Began
.The Knights Templar was the first banking system where you could deposit your money in one location and pick it up in another.  They existed 1119 - 1312 AD, during the age of dangerous Christian treks to and from the Holy Land.  Of course the Catholic Church (the cabal) was involved as were kings/queens of Europe (more cabal).

They became very wealthy and accumulated lots of gold.  That gold is still around today.  Here is the story pertaining to that gold, as well as that of Columbus and the Americas (the gold of the Incas and Aztecs).  This story bring us to the modern day world of Ferdinand Marco and the Philippines --and the GOLD that will be used in the Global Currency Reset happening any day now.
The Full Story
This 2-hour story tells all. The Gold.  The Royal bloodlines.  Their plans to distribute the wealth to all.  How that plan got interrupted by the Draconians, etc.
This is it. Told by a very "insider" person on Christmas 2017